Everything You Need to Know About Mesothelioma Memes

Mesothelioma Memes

Even though memes have existed and evolved for around 25 years, they have taken the internet by storm over the past few years.

According to Richard Dawkins, the man who conceived the term, “meme” basically refers to any behavior, idea, or style that is passed from one person to another by non-genetic means, usually imitations.

According to lifewire;

The majority of modern memes are captioned photos that are intended to be funny, often as a way to publicly ridicule human behavior. Other memes can be videos and verbal expressions. Some memes have heavier and more philosophical content.

AINT'T NOBODY GOT- Mesothelioma Meme

We now have medical memes, memes that depict various medical conditions such as Mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma memes have been around for quite a while and are consistently increasing in popularity especially on social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They are funny and are now pretty much a large part of our online culture.

No Sense of Tumor- Mesothelioma Meme

The Origin of Mesothelioma Memes

A YouTuber injurylawassociates uploaded a commercial for the Houston Texas attorneys Danziger & Delano in August 29th, 2008. The commercial alerted or rather informed viewers of the availability of compensation for people diagnosed with Mesothelioma.

Here is the meme;

If you or your loved one has been recently diagnosed with Mesothelioma, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Mesothelioma is basically a rare and lethal form of cancer that is linked to prolonged asbestos exposure. Prolonged exposure in the navy, mills, shipyards, heating, construction, or automotive industries may put you at a higher risk. Please don’t wait any longer, call 1-800-99 LAW USA today for a free legal consultation and comprehensive financial information. Mesothelioma patients call now! 1-800-99 LAW USA.

The Spread of Mesothelioma Memes

Since then, mesothelioma memes became widespread.

On October 25th, 2016, one Redditor posted a meme of a smiling baby boy being held by a woman (probably the mother) and captioned it with a mesothelioma copypasta. The meme attracted a lot of votes and comments.

A Tumblr user on January 4th posted a photoshopped Hollywood sign with a mesothelioma copypasta. In a span of just 48 hours, the meme had garnered more than 8600 notes.

Other popular mesothelioma memes found on the internet include;

  • Mesothelioma? You mean a working man’s cancer?
  • My name is Doug, I have Mesothelioma….
  • Television teaches us nothing wrong. Mesothelioma!
  • Huffed Asbestos….
  • Do you want Mesothelioma?
  • My head is killing me…It must be Mesothelioma!
  • Damn video!
  • Thine shall be declared….
  • Shouting out loud!

Advantages of Mesothelioma Memes

Just like many other memes found on the web, mesothelioma memes have a meaning and benefit many people as a result. Some of the main benefits of mesothelioma memes include;

  • They are shareable – you can share them with your loved ones, whether affected or not.
  • They focus on providing a solution- in most cases.
  • They are funny, clever, and witty.
  • They are relatable to the audience
  • They are easy to create
  • They are easy to consume
  • They are familiar

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